Grant Recipient Stories: Julia

“My 12 year old Julia was approved as a scholarship recipient and our family is beyond grateful. We have two special needs children who require treatment from numerous providers. We don’t qualify for most assistance programs and it came to a point that we were reducing appointments to bare minimum. Having to pick and choose what child could get which service each month was heartbreaking. When I recieved notification that Julia was approved, I cried tears of happiness. She can finally recieve the services she needs and in the quantity that will make a difference. We look forward to seeing the progress she makes as she works towards her full potential. We appreciate Spring Forward for Autism and gracious donors who are making a difference in the lives of children on the spectrum and their families.”

Spring Forward for Autism Grant Program
Grants are designed to provide access to individuals and families in Brevard County, Florida affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Grants will be allocated on a quarterly basis based on annual fundraising activities.  The Board of Directors will determine how many and the amounts of each grant at the beginning of each term.  Applicants will need to apply each year for assistance. Grant approval may be expedited for applicants that are in immediate personal danger or harm, as we will try to provide immediate support based upon the need and the funds available within our grant program.

Grants help support:

  • Diagnostic Testing

  • Sensory equipment for the home

  • Behavioral & Developmental Therapies

  • Legal fees for guardianships

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Susan Belcher, at and read more here: