Founder, Susan Day, walking on the beach with her two sons.
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Applicant of the month: A 10 year old girl diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The SFFA scholarship would help her receive the occupational therapy and educational supports she needs to treat fine motor delays, sensory processing and communication challenges.


The only non-profit in Brevard County directly supporting families affected by Autism.

Supporting Those Affected by Autism Since 2014

Spring Forward For Autism is a nonprofit working to provide emotional and financial support to ease the strains on those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. We support families by connecting members of the Autistic community, empowering and inspiring others, raising public awareness to foster advocacy, and furthering access to available resources.

Right here in Brevard County, Florida hundreds of families deal daily with the care and management of a child with autism. The cost in terms of stress, exhaustion, emotional distress and financial drain is great. To lessen this burden and help families deal with raising a child on the spectrum, organizations like Spring Forward For Autism are working together to provide the resources and support needed.

Grant Funding Stats:

Grant Recipient Families
Education Support
Therapy Services



An interview with the Spring Forward for Autism founder, Susan Day

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Lifetime costs of someone living with Autism range from $3 to $7 million.

Few parents can afford to directly pay for the costs of continual, lifelong individualized treatment for a single autistic child.

The Cost of Living on the Spectrum
The cost for care of a child with autism must be estimated on both direct and indirect costs for the child’s medical, behavioral, and educational programs.