Empowering the Autistic Community


Spring Forward for Autism aims to provide emotional and financial support to ease the strains on those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. We support families affected by autism through connecting members of the Autistic community, empowering and inspiring others, raising public awareness to foster advocacy, and furthering access to available resources.

Our programs include:

  • Grant Funding for Families

  • Special Fundraising Events

  • Community Support


Spring Forward For Autism (SFFA) started as a fundraiser in 2014 specifically to donate proceeds to Florida Institute of Technology’s Scott Center for Autism Treatment. At the Scott Center, monies raised through our Zumbathon event was utilized in their WISH Scholarship. WISH scholarships provide early intervention treatment for children with autism and related disorders to families that otherwise could not afford it.

Our 2015 fundraiser Zumbathon, we raised $20,000 for The Scott Center. In a letter from Ivy Chong, Director of Scott Center Autism Services and Training, the money raised from SFFA helped 30 families with a child or children aged 1-6 years, 31 families with a child aged 6 to 12 years, and 18 families with a pre-adolescent 12 through 18 years. Some were evaluations for diagnosis while others were given the WISH Scholarships allowing ABA (advanced behavioral analysis), or social skills group.

After realizing the need for awareness and how many families in Brevard County were in need, we decided to expand the reach and continue Spring Forward For Autism as our own 501-C3.  As we continue to grow, we are hoping to open a support and social club with a yearly membership fee.  Our intention is to have multiple or possibly monthly social events. Monies raised from our activities will continue to impact families and organizations in need for assistance with the following:

  • Evaluations
  • Therapy

  • Tutoring/Educational Needs
  • Sensory Aids/Tools
  • Autism Awareness/Acceptance Vehicles
  • Guidance and Social Activities for Families affected by Autism


See how we help families receive vital treatment and services here in Brevard County:

Grant Program

Grants are designed to provide support to individuals and families in Brevard County, Florida affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Community Outreach

We collaborate with local organizations to help create a network of knowledge, support and action for the autistic community.

Our Journal

We were founded from a personal experience with autism, and now we share our story so that others can find the help and support they need.

Fundraising Events

Everything from girls night out and shopping to galas and dancing. Our monthly events help you have fun in Brevard while supporting families in need.


Lifetime costs of someone living with Autism range from $3 to $7 million.

Few parents can afford to directly pay for the costs of continual, lifelong individualized treatment for a single autistic child.

The Cost of Living on the Spectrum
The cost for care of a child with autism must be estimated on both direct and indirect costs for the child’s medical, behavioral, and educational programs.