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Susan Belcher
Susan BelcherCo-Founder
Owner of Fitness on Fifth & Blue Water Global Enterprises. A mother of two boys, ages 5 and 7. Zane, who is 7 years old, is diagnosed with epilepsy at 3 1/2 years and Autism Spectrum Disorder shortly after.
Sheila Schmitt
Sheila SchmittCo-Founder
Retired Banking and Healthcare Professional. After meeting Susan and her son Zane, Sheila, was inspired to found Spring Forward for Autism to help families in Brevard receive support in their daily struggle with autism.
Meegan Alphin
Meegan AlphinSecretary
Southwest Airline; Flight Attendant
Tenure: Since inception 2014


Donna Feinberg
Donna FeinbergDirector
Law Offices of Richard J Feinberg – Office Manager
Tenure: Since 1/1/2016
Richard Feinberg
Richard FeinbergDirector
Law Offices of Richard J Feinberg (Attorney/ Owner)
Tenure: Since 1/1/2016
Susan Erickson
Susan EricksonDirector
WeVenture; Florida Institute of Technology
Tenure: Since 1/1/2016
Mark Fontaine
Mark FontaineDirector
Fontaine Property Group (Owner)
Tenure: Since 6/1/2017
Clay Price, CPADirector
Clay Price & Associates, CPA, PA (CPA & Owner)
Tenure: Since 6/1/2017


Lifetime costs of someone living with Autism range from $3 to $7 million.

Few parents can afford to directly pay for the costs of continual, lifelong individualized treatment for a single autistic child.

The Cost of Living on the Spectrum
The cost for care of a child with autism must be estimated on both direct and indirect costs for the child’s medical, behavioral, and educational programs.