We strive to build community partners that allow us to better support the autism community in Brevard County, Fl.  Our partners include organizations that help to improve the quality of life for autistic individuals.

Vocational Training Partnership

Since 2019 Spring Forward for Autism has been partnering with CodeCraft Works based in Melbourne Fl to create learning and employment opportunities for individuals affected by autism.  We work together to provide young adults affected by autism with coding camp experiences and paid internships to allow them to fulfill their interests and build career skills.


Lifetime costs of someone living with Autism range from $3 to $7 million.

Few parents can afford to directly pay for the costs of continual, lifelong individualized treatment for a single autistic child.

The Cost of Living on the Spectrum
The cost for care of a child with autism must be estimated on both direct and indirect costs for the child’s medical, behavioral, and educational programs.