Get your tickets for our Sweetest Dream Gala on April 15, 2023!

Get your tickets for our Sweetest Dream Gala on April 15, 2023!

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  • Resources for Autism during COVID

    Tips for managing autism during COVID-19 Now that we #stayathome schedules have shifted, order has changed and new comforts have been found.  How do we deal with the next phase? [...]

  • Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Autism

    Benefits of Weighted Blankets Resting under the firm yet gentle pressure of a weighted blanket is used to help treat autism, but can be beneficial for the general population [...]

  • Tips for managing Autism during the holidays

    Holiday Tips for Autism Families The holidays and autism can be a challenging pair, but by being prepared half of the journey is accomplished [...]



Lifetime costs of someone living with Autism range from $3 to $7 million.

Few parents can afford to directly pay for the costs of continual, lifelong individualized treatment for a single autistic child.

The Cost of Living on the Spectrum
The cost for care of a child with autism must be estimated on both direct and indirect costs for the child’s medical, behavioral, and educational programs.

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